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  • The Ranch on the Cariboo

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    The Ranch on the Cariboo by Alan Fry.

    Back of the book blurb:  "An enduring account of ranching in BC's Cariboo country.

    Alan Fry was just twelve years old when he became a cowboy on the Fry Homestead.  It was the summer of 1943 and most of the work force was at war.  The adults who stayed behind were left with the hard labor, and it was mainly the children who had to gather the harvest.

    This fast-paced, true story describes the joys and hardship of small-scale ranching in the Cariboo country of central British Columbia during the 1940s.  Alan tells the stories of driving cattle, hunting bear, working in the fields and the barns, and reminiscences of the colorful characters that make up his lively world.  His love of the open range is vividly told on every page.  By turns humorous and poignant, The Ranch on the Cariboo is an enduring account of growing up and experiencing a way of life known by few."

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