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  • Slumach's Gold: In Search of a Legend

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    Slumach's Gold: In Search of a Legend by Rick Antonson, Mary Trainer & Brian Antonson

    Back of the book blurb:  "Slumach's Gold chronicles what is possibly Canada's greatest lost-mine story.  It searches out the truth behind a Salish man's hanging for murder in 1891 and tracks and intriguing legend about him that grew after his death.  It was a legend that turned into a drama of international fascination when Slumach—the hanged criminal—was mysteriously linked to gold nuggets "the size of walnuts."  The stories claimed that Slumach had placed a curse on a hidden motherlode to protect it from interlopers and trespassers just before he plunged to his death "at the wrong end of a five-strand rope."  Although many have attempted to find Slumach's gold over the past 100 years, following tantalizing clues that are part of the legend itself, none have succeeded—or have they?

    Rick Antonson, Mary Trainer and Brian Antonson have diligently sifted through history and myth, separating fact from fiction, but leaving the legend intact—along with the promise of gold yet to be found by some future gold seeker."

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