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  • Rebel Women of the Gold Rush

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    Rebel Women of the Gold Rush: Extraordinary Achievements and Daring Adventures by Rich Mole

    Back of the book blurb:  "At the height of the rush, Martha Purdy, Nellie Cashman, Ethel Berry and a few hundred other women were conquering the Trail of '98—a route that proved impossible for many men.

    During the frenzied Klondike Gold Rush, many daring women ventured north to seek riches and adventure or to escape a troubled past.  These unforgettable, strong-willed women defied the social conventions of the time and endured heartbreak and horrific conditions to build a life in the wild North.  From renowned reporter Faith Fenton and successful entrepreneur Belinda Mulrooney to Mae Field, "The Doll of Dawson," and other "citizens of the demimonde," the Klondike's rebel women bring and intriguing new perspective to gold-rush history."

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