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  • Mini Turbopan Green

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    This Mini Turbopan is 10" and is green in color.  Each Turbopan comes with an instruction pamphlet.

    - MINITURBOPAN combines two proven gold performers the sluice and the pan, and is easy to use. 
     - The sluice riffles trap gold. The clean up riffles makes sure you keep it.
     - With MINITURBOPAN you can pan right down to the gold and remove all other heavy minerals.
     - MINITURBOPAN is a great clean up tool - it's the cheapest and very quick.

    Green River Gold Corp. is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Turbopan!!

    Want to sell Turbopan in your store?  Contact us today about wholesale pricing!!


    Turbopan™ gold pan is a prospecting tool and mining tool for the prospector and artisan miner involved in small scale mining. Whether you're a hobbyist out looking for a run or a crevice filled with gold – or gold panning for a living in a developing country – Turbopan is the right piece of prospecting equipment that gets all the gold easily and quickly.

    Turbopan eliminates the problem of compaction that happens in the traditional "Klondike" pan because it is basically a circular sluice. Turbopan doesn't require running water like a sluice, it simply maximises the effects of gravity. Its shallow depth means it can be used in puddles and troughs. And the 40cm Turbopan is available in 2 great colours, green & black!

    Increase your chances of finding gold while saving time. Turbopan is currently available in a 40cm diameter (16") size, in both green and black, and a 25cm diameter (10") size, also available in green and black.

    Upgrade to a Turbopan, and make your gold panning as successful as it can be. It may be the best investment in your panning you will ever make! Do it now!

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