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  • How to smelt your Gold & Silver

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    A must-have read! Provides an educational basis on smelting gold and silver, plus information on safety, pouring, chemicals, selling gold, as well as a helpful glossary. A reliable, "go-to" manual for both beginners and experienced hobbyists.

    Contents Include: Safety, History and Environment, Protective Clothing, Gloves, Eye Protection, Respirators, Ventilation, Fire and Burn Hazards, Chemicals and Reagents, Sodium Carbonate, Silica, Borax Glass, Manganese Dioxide, Calcium Oxide, Fluorspar. Bone Ash, Potassium/Sodium Nitrate, Nitric Acid, Equipment and Fixtures, Attitude Towards Safety, Basic Structure and Fixtures, Personal Protective Equipment, Heat Source, Furnace Controller, Tongs, Scrapers, Etc., Balance or Scale, Pouring Molds, Odds & Ends, Notebook, Fluxes, Making the Fluxes, Original Mint Flux, Gold Smelting Flux (Gold Onl), Gold Smelting Flux #2 (Placer Gold), Silver Flux, Slag, Appearance, Color, Hazards, Crucibles, Assaying Crucibles, Fused Silica Crucibles, Silicon Carbide Crucibles, How to Roll a Crucible, Smelting, Placer Gold, Concentrate, Scrap Jewelry, Precipitates, Precipitates #2, Silver Chloride, Silver (Metallic), Carbon Ash, Amalgam, Sampling, What You Can't Smelt, Odds and Ends, Useful Information, Make More Money, Industrial Cupellation, Selling Your Gold, Security, Dealing with the IRS, Marketing, and What It's Worth!

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