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    Gold Panner's Manual by Garnet Basque

    Back of the book blurb:  "Test your Midas Touch!

    Here's your guide to every aspect of gold panning and prospecting.  Pick up a piece or two of surprisingly simple equipment and size up that stream by your campsite—these days, even a few grams of gold are worth hundreds of dollars.

    The techniques, the pans, the pickaxes and the educated guessing required to pan gold haven't changed much since the Klondike gold rush.  In a few chapters, you'll have the information you need to strike out and maybe even strike it rich.


    • Facts about gold—Why does gold have such a mystical power over humans?  Here are some illuminating facts about the yellow metal that figures facts about the yellow metal that figures so prominently in today's world.
    • How to locate placer gold—Finding and recovering gold requires a lot of hard work, both mental and physical.  You cannot merely approach a stream and begin panning.  You must know how gold gets into a stream and why is accumulates in certain spots.
    • How to recover fine gold—Being an expert gold panner won't get you much gold unless you know how to separate the golden particles from the waste sands and concentrates.
    • Equipment—Whether you're an experienced professional or an amateur weekend prospector, a certain number of items should be included in your equipment.

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