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  • British Columbia and Yukon Gold Hunters (A History in Photographs)

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    British Columbia and Yukon Gold Hunters: A History in Photographs by Donald E. Waite

    Back of the book blurb:  "In 1851, a twenty-seven-ounce gold nugget was found on Haida Gwaii.  Its discovery and the BC rushes that followed—first on the Fraser River in 1858 and then in the Cariboo in 1861—ushered in an era of gold fever that brought wave after wave of miners to the province.  Three decades later, 100,000 souls made their way toward Yukon, caught up in the frenzy of the Klondike gold rush.

    In this masterful collection of memorable facts, colorful stories, archival photographs, exquisite hand-drawn maps, and to-scale images of gold nuggets, Donald E. Waite celebrates the human quest for gold.  With its fascinating tales of fortunes won and lots, British Columbia and Yukon Gold Hunters show the extent to which the Fraser, Cariboo, and Klondike gold rushes shaped western Canada and live on in our imaginations."

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