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  • 8x/1-1/4" Illuminated Adjustable-Focus Loupe With Scale

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    8X Power illuminated LED with adjustable magnifier can be used by jewelers, photographers, coin and stamp collectors, homes, offices, and more. Improve your detailed viewing with this compact easy to use LED illuminated eye loupe optical tool that has powerful 28 Diopter illuminated adjustable magnification, a built-in scale for measuring objects, and a convenient stand to place over the objects you are viewing. Great for craft-work, jewelers, watches, fine detailed work, inspecting antique markings, coins, and many other items that require magnification to identify and view detail.

    • Magnification: 28 Diopter
    • Lens Diameter: 23mm (1-1/4")
    • 1 Super Bright White LED Bulb
    • Gray Plastic Body
    • Focus Wheel
    • Diopter
    • Adjustable Focus on Loupe
    • 10mm Thread Count Ruler with 0.1mm Graduation
    • Requires 3AG10 Batteries (Batteries Are Included)

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