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  • 5L-10L water purification tablet box

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    100 count per box

    • ★★It contains 60% chlorine with an effervescent additive that reduces chlorine taste and makes the product safe from overdose (chlorine dissipates in 30 minutes).
    • ★★ Our purification formula has been used by disaster relief agencies world-wide.
    • ★★It will removes 99.99% of water-born bacterias, water-born protozoans parasites, filters to 0.2 microns and surpasses epa filter standards
    • ★★ It is easy to use, no steaming, no boiling, portable packing travel friendly.
    • ★★ For emergency use with clouded/ muddy/surface/open wells water- 5ppm + ideal for hiking, backpacking, natural disasters and emergency water preparedness.

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