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  • 4 Wicks Survival Candle in Tin Box,48 Total Hours/12 Hours Per Wick and Food Warmer

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    Perfect for emergencies, camping, backpacking, hunting, disaster preparedness, survival uses, and more; the SE OD-4WSC360 4-Wick 48-Hour Emergency Candle will provide you a light source when you need it the most. Batteries in flashlights and modern lanterns run out of power and can be expensive. This emergency candle is perfect for when the lights go out, even when you are at home in a power outage that comes out of the blue. Do not be stuck without a light source when you need it.

    • 4 Wicks
    • Warms Food up to 1LBS
    • Made from Palm & Soy Wax
    • 12 Hours Per Wick ( 48 Total Hours)

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