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  • 17-in-1 Survival Kit

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    This Ultimate Survival Bottle Kit is perfect for your bug-out-bag, emergency kit, camping trip, garage workshop, or even your next backpacking adventure!

    Includes our BPA free Rugged Water Bottle (which doubles as a storage container), our 7-In-1 Survival Whistle (which includes a Survival Whistle, Thermometer, Singal Mirror, Magnetic Compass, LED Flashlight, and 5x Magnification Pocket Magnifier), our Ultimate Magnesium Firestarter, an emergency 82" x 52" Survival Blanket, an expandable Camp Towel, as well as our 6-In-1 Multi-Function Pocket Knife (which contains a Knife, Nail File Nail Cleaner, Scissors, Toothpick, and Tweezers.)

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