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  • 200 Lumen/COB Keychain Flashlight, 2" x 1.25"

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    • Each lightweight 160 lumens flashlight has a keyring, so you can hang or attach it to your keys.
    • There is a 3-stage switch, including 50% brightness, 100% brightness, and strobe light. The 100% brightness is great when you need a lot of light, and 50% brightness is useful when you need the light up close. The strobe light is ideal for emergencies and signaling if needed.
    • The lights are push activated and easy to use.
    • (3) AAA batteries are required and included. Please remove battery tab before first use. For best performance, use alkaline batteries.
    • These keychain flashlights are great to have for everyday, emergency, hobby, home, office, and traveling on-the-go.

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